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City Bylaw Review:
The City of Guelph is reviewing certain animal bylaws for 2014.  An Animal Control Working Group is being established by the City and will involve examining current bylaws and taking suggestions for possible changes.  In order to join this Working Group please click the link below for more information and application forms.  The application deadline is January 30th, 2014. 

Click here for more information and applications to join Working Group

Dog Licensing:
All dogs residing in Guelph are to be licensed for the current year as of January 1st of that year and have their license affixed at all times. Click here for more information on purchasing your dog a license.
A new license must be purchased for each year.  If the license is not current for that year, the owner could be subject to a fine ($55.00 fine + a $20 victim surcharge).

Leashing and Control:
A dog must be on a leash no longer than 1.8 metres (6 ft) when on a public trail, park or thoroughfare. The fine is $35 + a $5 surcharge. Extendable leads are not permitted. Dogs must be under a personís control at all times (on and off leash) and kept at least 1 metre from other people or animals. Dogs are not allowed in wading pools, playgrounds, or occupied sports fields. Dogs in off-leash areas must be in sight, and respond to voice command.

Running at Large:
Dogs not on the premises of the owner or under the control of any person can be impounded. Fees include:
∑ Impound fee: $50 + $15 per day (+ tax).
∑ Fine: $60 + a $20 victim surcharge.
In addition, if not licensed then a $55 fine, + a $20 victim surcharge, + the cost of a license.

Animal Regulations within Dog Care:
All dog owners are responsible for providing proper food, water, exercise, and attention to keep their pet in good health. Dogs kept outdoors require a sound, weather-proof (insulated) enclosure with off-the-ground flooring. Dogs that are chained must have at least 3.1 meters (10 ft) in length, (except when the dog is being exercised).

Anyone controlling an animal is responsible for the removal and sanitary disposition of excrement. This by-law is enforced through a civil action and carries a maximum fine of $5000 upon conviction. For more information please consult the article: Why you should stoop and scoop.pdf

Persistent whining, barking, calling or other noises made by a domestic animal is prohibited at all times. There is a 24 hour noise by-law in Guelph that carries a maximum penalty upon conviction of $5000 and is enforced by the Guelph Police Service.

Exotic Pets:
The keeping of exotic animals in the City of Guelph is prohibited. A list of prohibited animals may be obtained from the City Clerk. Maximum penalty upon conviction is $2000.

Regulations regarding dogs in Parks and on Trails in the City of Guelph:

Dogs must be under control at all times, that is:

On Leash: kept at a distance of 1 metre from people and other animals.
Off Leash: dog is close to handler within sight and earshot, responds to voice command, and is prevented from approaching within 1 metre of people or animals.

PLEASE NOTE: Pit bulls are not exempted from the provisions of the Dog Owner's Liability Act and Regulation 157/05 in leash-free parks.  Pit bulls must be leashed, muzzled and under the control of their guardians in Guelph's leash-free parks.

Dogs may run offf-leash and under control on unoccupied sports fields from:
May 1st through Sept 14th from 8:00pm to 8:00am
September 15th through April 30th from 5:00pm to 8:00am.

Shared leash-free areas have been established in the following areas:

Ward 1: Eramosa River Park (east end)
              Grangehill Park (east end)
Ward 2: Riverside Park (west of the river, north of Woodlawn Road)
Ward 3: Norm Jary Park (between the baseball diamonds)
Ward 4: Margaret Green Park (westerly end off Ferman Drive)
Ward 5: Crane Park (all areas)
              Centennial Park (between the parking lot and baseball diamonds at C8, C9).
Ward 6: John Gamble PArk area (Old Hanlon Road south of access road leading to Shadybrook Crescent)

Click here to view the leash-free zones in Guelph